Where to find us

Below you can find GPS locations to where we are, if you plan to come by airplaine, the closest airports are in Ålesund and Molde.

If you plan to arrive by train, the closest station is Åndalsnes.

We will do our best to help you get here :-)


The parking is next to the main road at Røsok, the camping and the 3D track is further down the road towards the sea.

GPS cordinates: 62°44'34.9"N 6°26'03.6"E


Everything is in walking distance from the parking, you can drive your things down to the camping but we prefere that you after unloading the car, park at the parking.

The price for camping for one person is 50kr. pr night. 

You can pay when you pay your entry fee.

The camping is almost in our 3D track, try not to walk too close to the targets the day before the competition.

GPS cordinates: 62°44'41.5"N 6°25'51.9"E

Caravan Parking:

The Caravan parking is down in the harbour, there are designated places to park and we ask that you park where you are supposed to.

It´s the same price for sleeping in your car or an RV

Parking is managed by the the community that run the harbour, you can pay directly to them, or when you pay your entry fee, 200kr pr night, let us know how you wish to pay when you pick up your accreditation pass

GPS cordinates: 62°44'43.5"N 6°25'41.0"E

Check in area


This is the same place as we compete sunday.

This is where everything happens, the groups will be published here, and the medals will be awarded here.

On friday there are no food sale

GPS cordinates: 62°44'28.2"N 6°26'15.8"E


This is where everything happens, food is sold here, the gathering in the evening is here, you pay your entry fee and pick up your accreditation pass here.

This is also where the Results and Shooting order for the finals will be published.

GPS cordinates:  62°44'44.8"N 6°25'34.0"E


This is not the same location as saturday.

This is where everything happens, the groups will be published here, we sell food after the competition, and the medals will be awarded here.

GPS cordinates:  62°44'28.2"N 6°26'15.8"E

From Åndalsnes:

From Åndalsnes easiest way to Harøy is by car, you can drive the blue route which is the shortest route.

The route ends at the ferry to ease the planning.

Then you go by ferry from Brattvåg, you find the timetables below

Route 22, go with the departures in Green

From Molde:

From Molde the easiest way to go, is by car. To the right you can see the map, it´s no problem getting here.

If you arrive by plane, I would recomend planning minimum 45 min. from the airport to the first ferry.

First ferry route 31, then 32.

Aim for one of the departures circled in green. Then you have ok time for the next one :-)

ferry nr. 31 and 32, timetables below

From Ålesund:

From Ålesund Airport you can go by car, or you can go by bus and passengerboat.

If you drive by car you follow the route to the right, drive to the ferry and take route 22, timetable bellow.

If you want to go by bus and passenger boat, take the bus from the airport to "Skateflukaia" in Ålesund Towncentre, then take the passengerboat to Harøy.

Ask make sure you take the right boat, it say it goes to "Nordøyane"